Online Giving Options

House of Charity 2021

 Your support will ensure the vitality of essential Diocesan ministries and programs that
sustain healing, teaching and the redemptive Presence of Jesus Christ
throughout the six counties of Southern New Jersey.  

Here are the programs that benefit from your House of Charity donation: 


Without the House of Charity, the Diocese cannot fulfill the mission that
Christ gave us to care for His people.  Thank you for your consideration and your generosity!

To donate, click here! 
Please remember to designate St. Mary Church, Cherry Hill for your donation.


Charitable Giving Online Options at St. Mary's Catholic Church

Thank you for your interest in Online giving.   We are pleased to offer many opportunities as a means to allow our parish to continue to thrive.   Donations help pay for daily operating expenses of the parish as well as its many ministry programs. We thank you for your consideration and hope that you will be as generous as your means allow.

  We thank you, in advance, for your generosity!
May God continue to bless you and your families!

By clicking on the Donate button, you can pay by:

PayPal:  A newer option for our parish.  To donate to The Catholic Church of St. Mary, click on the (PayPal) Donate button below, and pay with your personal PayPal account.  

Debit or Credit Card:  You can make payments with your debit or credit cards (without having a personal Paypay account) by Clicking the Donate button below.
Please add your St. Mary envelope information and your address in
the Additional Notes/Comments section.


Parish Giving:   St.  Mary's  has enlisted Parish Giving to provide its members with the opportunity to use Electronic Funds Transfer as an alternative method for giving. It is offered free of charge and provides parishioners with a reliable, efficient, and convenient means to process contributions.  

Please add your St. Mary envelope information in the Additional Notes/Comments section.

Click below to learn more.


Drop off your old ink cartridges from your printers.  All donations will be redeemed as
rewards to go towards purchasing items for our Religious Ed program,
Youth Group program and/or Parish office.  Thank you for your donation!