The Catholic Church of St. Mary Cherry Hill, New Jersey
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Parish Pastoral Council

Parish Pastoral Council Guidelines
November, 2014


"In the Diocese of Camden, Parish Pastoral Councils serve as the ordinary planning instrument that a parish uses to formulate its pastoral plan.  Informed by the diocesan Vision Statement, the pastor may consult the Council about any practical matters such as the implementation of local pastoral priorities which will in many cases resonate with the diocesan pastoral priorities which are: Liturgy, Lay Ministry, Lifelong Faith Formation, Priestly Vocations, Youth and Young Adults, and Compassionate Outreach."  (Guidelines for Parish Pastoral Councils, November 2010, page 4)

"Parish Pastoral Councils provide a way for pastors to consult their people.  The Parish Pastoral Council is: "to examine and consider all that relates to pastoral work and to offer practical conclusions on these matters, so that the life and activity of the People of God may be brought into greater conformity with the Gospel."  In this description, we find three tasks assigned to the pastoral council:  to examine, to consider, and to recommend." (Guidelines for Parish Pastoral Councils, November 2010, page 5)

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