Rain Forests
The Amazon forest is on fire in so many places.  The Amazon has been one of the plus factors to decrease carbon dioxide.  Now the Amazon is releasing carbon dioxide as it burns.  It is sending smoke into nearby communities which in turn is causing many local residents to be admitted to the hospital because of breathing problems.  The world morns these fires many of which had been deliberately set to open more land to farming and crops.  The G-7 had a meeting to discuss the Climate Change issue and the Amazon fires in particular.  Many countries have offered to help put out the fires.   As of this writing, the Brazilian government has not accepted these offers. 
Trees and shrubs are a vital part of the world’s hope to control carbon dioxide as they take in carbon dioxide during photosynthesis and release oxygen into the air.  What can we do?  This fall we can access our property to see if we can add a tree or shrub.  Shrubs provide protection around the house.  Deciduous trees provide shade in the summer and allow the sun’s heat to warm our homes in winter.  Evergreen trees are good wind protectors.  Check the Arbor Day website for how to judge the best place to plant a new tree or shrub.  Many local nurseries and Lowes and Home Depot are having sales.  If you want to be mindful of the birds in New Jersey, check out New Jersey’s Native Trees Shrubs & Vines That Are Beneficial To Birds by Patricia Sutton.  Trees can reduce cooling costs by 30% in summer and heating bills by 20-50% in the winter.  For fall planting, it is advised to plant about 3 weeks before a hard frost or before the mid-October.  Check with the nurseries to confirm what is appropriate for your tree or shrub.