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RELIGIOUS EDUCATION begins as children enter the First Grade and continues through Confirmation. The policy of the Diocese is that a child must be in continuous Religious Education to be considered a candidate for Confirmation.

Diocesan Policy also states children receive their Sacraments in the Parish in which their family is registered. If your children attend Catholic school, please contact the Religious Education Office with your child’s information.

Our Religious Education program at St. Mary starts in Grade 1.  A student may choose to attend class in our Summer Intensive Program, which runs for 2 weeks in July from 9AM-noon, and registration begins the first week of the preceding March.


 Since there is only one class at each grade level in the Summer Intensive Program, classes fill quickly on a first come, first served basis for registered parishioners.  Since the entire textbook is completed in the Summer Intensive Program, students do not come to class during the school year.


 If a student is not interested in the Summer Program, he/she may enroll in the regular program which runs from 5:30pm-6:30pm on Tuesdays or Sundays from 8:50am-9:50am from mid-September to the first week of May.


 Students in either the Summer program or the regular program receive the sacraments on the same date