RE Summer Intensive Program
Pat Galie, Director of Religious Education, shares her thoughts on the 2022 Summer Intensive program.

Thanks to the parents, students, and catechists who made the 2022 Summer Intensive Program a success! 

There were 74 students in the Hall, 8 current or retired teachers, and 2 high school aides.  The students had fun while learning about their faith.  For example, the Grade 5 girls enjoyed writing and acting out a play about Jesus' birth.  The Grade 4 class made their own rosaries.  The Grade 2 class learned to sing the Morning Offering Prayer.  The summer students also put their faith into action.  For example, the Grade 3 class collected school supplies and made cards to put in two large backpacks for the IHOC drive to help poor children.  All grade levels generously donated toys, food and blankets for the Voorhees Animal Orphanage where our Grade 5 catechist volunteers.  Our Grade 8 catechist inspired our students with a talk about his work as an Augustinian in the prison ministry.  Our Grade 7 catechist and cantor ended Father Paul's prayer service on the last day with a "Hail Mary, Gentle Woman" solo.   All the classrooms in the Hall decorated with colorful student work show the dedication and creativity of this years' summer students and catechists. 

Here at St. Mary's we are blessed to have such a thriving parish where Religious Education is a priority!
Diocesan Policy also states children receive their Sacraments in the Parish in which their family is registered. If your children attend Catholic school, please contact the Religious Education Office with your child’s information.