RE Summer Intensive Program

Summer Intensive Program

July 13-24, 2020

We offer a Summer Intensive Program in addition to our traditional program.  In our SummerIntensive Program, students in levels 3-6 cover 2-3 chapters per day for 10 days from 9AM to noon to complete the textbook.  Summer students pack a snack to eat in the Main Hall from 10:15-10:45AM each day.
Students in the Summer Intensive Program must attend every day for the full period in order to complete the grade.  Summer students are still required to participate in intergenerational events during the school year.
The fee for each student enrolled in the Summer Program is $200 (no sibling discount).  If a student started late to our program and needs a catch-up, this student may want to register for both summer and traditional programs to complete 2 levels in one school year.
Since our Summer Intensive Program will have one classroom for each level, classes will be filled on a first come basis.  Sacrament dates are the same for both programs. 

RELIGIOUS EDUCATION begins as children enter the First Grade and continues through Confirmation. The policy of the Diocese is that a child must be in continuous Religious Education to be considered a candidate for Confirmation.

Diocesan Policy also states children receive their Sacraments in the Parish in which their family is registered. If your children attend Catholic school, please contact the Religious Education Office with your child’s information.