The Catholic Church of St. Mary Cherry Hill, New Jersey
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Our Ministries
St. Mary's is hosting IHOC for the next two weeks.  What is IHOC?   Watch the video to learn more.
  Our Baptism commissions us for a life of Christian Service in His Name, in order to    build up  kingdom of God, here on earth. Our efforts together in, with, and through, our parish family  can, with God’s grace, yield abundant fruit. 

For more information on any of these  ministries, please contact our
Pastoral Associate, Kathleen (856) 424-0955.

“E’ tu? Will you work with me    
 to build up the Church?”

Please prayerfully consider the many opportunities offered to become involved in our faith community and let your hands be the ones through which Christ touches and heals hearts, within our parish, and beyond…                                                                                                        
MINISTERS OF THE WORD (Lectors): Proclaiming the Scriptures at our Eucharistic celebration is a vitally important ministry to our people. The Word of God is embodied and comes alive for us now, through the Lector’s faith-filled proclamation. With enough people serving on a regular basis, each person would be able to serve just once every 4-6 weeks. If your time is too limited to get involved with other activities, wouldn't this be a great way to serve when you are already here at Mass? 

EXTRAORDINARY MINISTERS OF THE EUCHARIST:   Assisting in the distribution of the Eucharist at Mass; and/or bringing Communion to the homebound who cannot join us here at Mass is a way of participating in one of the most ancient ministries of the Church. Jesus nourishes us on Himself in this sacrament of unity and love. Can you be the instrument of His Presence for others at home? At Mass? Both?  Only one Saturday Diocesan session, or 2 Thursdays evenings, required.  Classes are offered throughout the Diocese and will be offered here at St. Mary very soon. Candidates for this ministry must be at least 15 years old, have received Confirmation and be in good standing with the Church.  
BEREAVEMENT MINISTRY:   Be a minister of compassion to our parishioners in grief. Assist the bereaved with their choice of readings, music, and assist at the funeral Mass.  Serve as an adult Altar Server or Lector at the Funeral Mass. Or, just follow up with best wishes and prayerful support afterward.  Whatever you can do, will bring Jesus’ comfort and consolation to others who are hurting.  Please consider joining this Ministry of Consolation.

CHILDREN’S LITURGY OF THE WORD:  Lead our little ones to Christ by facilitating their participation in the first part of the Mass – at their own level of understanding.  During the 5:00pm or 10:00am Masses, lead them in age-appropriate readings and prayers in the chapel.  It’s easy! Preparation materials and training provided.
YOUTH MINISTRY Co-COORDINATOR S (YOUTH GROUP):  The future of our church depends on the next generation yes, but also on us…. Be part of a team of adults, inviting and supporting our parish teens in remaining connected to our parish family through fun activities and faith-based service opportunities.  Please call /email Kathleen for more information.  Help is urgently needed!
SMALL CHRISTIAN COMMUNITIES FACILITATORS:  Our parish is blessed with small Christian communities. These groups consist of anywhere from 5- 12 parishioners who gather, once a week, during the seasons of Advent and Lent, to read and reflect on the Sunday Gospel together and share their faith and the movement of God’s Spirit in their lives.  All are welcome to join.  We are always in need of individuals willing to attend one training session in order to form and facilitate a group of their own, either in your own home, or here on parish grounds – your choice!
PARISH NURSES:  Offer your talents as a nurse to our parishioners with monthly blood pressure readings taken right after Mass, or perhaps you’d like to plan workshops/ presentations.  Reach out with healing to fellow parishioners.                                                   
MINISTERS OF HOSPITALITY: Formerly known as "ushers" the understanding of this ministry has deepened and expanded through the years. Greeting fellow worshipers before the celebration begins and tending to their needs while they are here is a way of bringing Christ's personal touch - His presence - to His people in a ministry of welcome and care. Two components form this ministry: greeter and usher. "Greeters" welcome us as we arrive, distribute any special worship aid as we enter, and send us off with a bulletin and warm wish as we leave. "Ushers" assist with seating, occasional Communion traffic and taking up the collection. Both are attentive to the needs of the assembly and assist should an emergency arise. Both men and women are welcome in this ministry. You may serve as Greeter, Usher, or both! You only need to come a little earlier to Mass (about 15 minutes) and remain maybe 5 minutes after to put things away. You are coming to Mass anyway; wouldn't this be a stress-free way to get involved? 
 ART & ENVIRONMENT MINISTRY: Perhaps your talents lie in decorating. The A & E ministry plans and prepares the decorations and environment in Church for all our special feasts and celebrations throughout the year. Your insights, ideas and suggestions would be most welcome. Can't come to a meeting? Then just assist with the actual decorating - we can always use more help!                                                        
ALTAR LINEN& GUILD MINISTRIES: Help launder/repair our altar linens, weekly or seasonally.  Ensure that the table of the Lord is worthily set for His Presence and His people.                                                                  
MUSIC MINISTRY: Lead and assist the sung prayer of God's people as they join together with one heart and voice in praise of His Name. Anyone interested in the various adult parts of our Music Ministry*, (listed immediately below) is asked to please contact: Jim Rabic (856) 424-1454.  ext. 105                                                                                                                    
LEADERS OF SONG/CANTORS: Teach us new hymns, cue us in in song and help us lift our hearts in praise. The psalms were written as songs. Help us to reflect on them and join in sung prayer between the readings.
ADULT CHOIR: Men and women are needed!!! Can you carry a tune? Then, you qualify! You needn't read music. Members needn't be opera stars - Just have a desire to lend your voice in a chorus of prayerful song.  That's all you need! The choir rehearses Wednesday evenings at 7:30 pm in Church.

The Mass sends us forth to BE Christ’s presence for the world.  please consider the following opportunities to serve. 

G.I.F.T. MINISTRY: Our G.I.F.T. (Growing in Faith Together) Ministry seeks to enhance the spiritual life of our parish by sponsoring programs, book discussion groups and special events to help people connect their Faith with their real lives. Would you like to help bring people closer to Christ? Join our monthly book discussion group? Or perhaps you just have heard a great speaker whose name you’d like to share?
RELIGIOUS EDUCATION CATECHISTS AND AIDES: Help pass on the faith as a teacher or aide in our Parish Religious Education Program.  Our present program encompasses Grade Levels 1 through 8.  Perhaps, you could sub/teach, or assist in the hall?
                                                                                                                                                                      “FOREVER YOUNG (55+)” Socials Group:  This is a social ministry that enables the “mature (55+) members of our community to get together once a month for lunch/refreshments and enjoyable company.  Bingo, Dancing /hobby shows, seasonal entertainment, an indoor BBQ, Luncheons with a guest speaker (various topics) are just some of the ways we gather for just plain fun. Transportation is available for those who might not otherwise be able to attend.  Join the team who brainstorms the activities! 
PRAYER SHAWL MINISTRY: Knitters and crotchetiers make prayer shawls, baby blankets and other items, offering their work and talent as prayer.  Their finished products are given to various groups within the parish and larger community. For example, shawls and blankets have been given to the homebound within our parish; Baby blankets to area newborns, as well as the newly baptized in our parish. They’ve even sent knitted caps to soldiers on the battlefield. Members meet once/twice a month, on a Thursday afternoon, from 1pm-3pm, year-round.  If you can knit or crochet and enjoy good company, consider joining this ministry!  Experienced knitters/crotchetier will help beginners who would like to join. 
CHERRY HILL FOOD BANK & OUTREACH COUNCIL: This interfaith outreach operates a food pantry and assistance program at a nearby Cherry Hill facility.  Volunteers and food items are always needed.  Help organize and distribute food at the pantry, or transport it there from the parish, once a month. 
LIFE AND JUSTICE MINISTRY: The members of this ministry work to bring presenters to St. Mary in order to raise awareness of the various local and global needs in the area of social justice. One Social Action component, currently part of this ministry, is the sale of Free Trade Coffee, Tea and Cocoa products after, on the third weekend of each month.
PRO LIFE MINISTRY:  is also a component of this ministry.  Help us form a “seamless garment” approach to pro-life efforts here in our parish.
INTERFAITH HOSPITALITY OUTREACH COUNCIL (IHOC): Our Parish also participates in an Interfaith effort which annually houses, here in our parish hall, 12 men in transition, for a two-week period.  Members of this ministry, organize this event in support of these homeless men.  Team Volunteers and overnight chaperones are always needed.  (just 2 weeks in January).

“ST MARY TRAVEL”:  Come, help us plan or just come along for the ride. Our “St. Mary Travelers” sponsor Bus (day) trips three or four times a year.  We also plan domestic and overseas longer trips, too.
KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS:  This long-standing Catholic organization for men is deeply involved in parish and community life seeking to promote the values of the Gospel and render Christian service.  For more information, please contact Dick Spence: (856) 424-8395.
VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL: For one week in early summer, our parish grounds come alive for VBS fun and inspiration. We can always use more helping hands in this just once a year commitment.
HELPING HANDS: Keeps in touch with elderly parishioners who have little or no local family, and perhaps, no longer drive.  It can consist of something as simple as an occasional phone call or visit, to perhaps transportation to church or the grocery store.
YOUNG PARENTS: We’d love to start a post Baptism new parent support network and ministry, too.  Perhaps, you’d like to a part of it? Let us know. We will tailor it to your needs!
Or, for more info, call or email Kathleen: or (856) 424-0955.